Gymnastics, Groceries, Trivia, and Karaoke, oh my!

You guys. After surviving the 24 stomach bug (which realistically wasn’t the worst thing, because it was legit only 24 hours and also, #firstworldproblems) I felt like a normal person today and did normal Rachel things.

AND AND AND! My #24in48 gear came and life is fantastic.

I got up and showered (which I hadn’t done in way too long–did I mention the stomach bug?) and got my ass in gear and went first to Amity Coffee
with Hannah and my book and a croissant and (duh) coffee.

Followed immediately by grown-up gymnastics with our favorite Miss Molly, and my headstands are looking closer to straight up headstands. I still can’t do a backbend (it’s real scary, y’all), but headstands and cartwheels and tumbles are my jam. I’m only so-so at all of those things, but I’m a billion percent better than I was 8 months ago.

And then I spent a lot of time at 3 different grocery stores gathering the components for my plant based challenge that is supposed to start on Monday. My goal is to start tomorrow and keep with it for at least 7 days. The FLX Wienery has dumpling night next Saturday and I am not about to miss that. But. Two hundred bucks and a meal plan for 10 days is officially in place. I’ll be real honest with y’all–I don’t intend to quit coffee or alcohol–I’m pretty sure I can argue that they’re both plant based–but I’ll do my best to abide by this diet otherwise.

And then! (After unloading a billion things.) We grabbed a beer a Keg and Barrel (our new favorite watering hole), where I was accidentally twinning with my pal. We followed it up by coming in dead last at trivia (who cares?) and then SO much karaoke at The Mustang Pub .

So grateful today for my pals, for my husband, and my MIL. Also proud that I’m sitting on the couch while my husband snores and I’m struggling to hit the correct keys to type what I want. But you know what? Now I read today, I wrote today, and I ran (a little, but mostly did gymnastics) today, and I’m feeling just a (lot a) bit proud.

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