New Year, Same Bugs

I didn’t run today, or read today, so I figured I better write something.

January 1st ended with me coming down with the stomach bug out of nowhere. It’s my own fault–I’d been bragging to anyone who would listen about how I have never made it all the way to Christmas break without getting sick. So here I am, recovering on the couch on day 2 of the new year. BUT, at least I have caring friends and family and cats.

I spent the day essentially being a cat, curled on the couch and taking occasional sips of water. I passed the time by catching up on an embarrassing number of Riverdale episodes, and that show just keeps getting crazier–one of those “this is too ridiculous, but I can’t quite look away” sort of shows.

And you know what? Kyle and I are finishing up a movie right now (Downsizing…I’m thinking it’s…not so great?) and writing all this down (and subsequently publishing it in a few short minutes) has reminded me to get my act together and do some reading. That was the point, I suppose, of opening my computer and typing these words–reminding myself of the very simple and achievable commitments I made publicly yesterday. Stomach bug or no stomach bug, excuses are for the birds. Or something like that…

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