You guys! I did it! I actually freaking did it! I read for a FULL 24 hours this weekend. My stopwatch is an asshole and clocked out on me (heh heh) after my first 11.5 hours and reset itself to zero (RUDE), so I don’t have the satisfaction of a clock with a big ol’ 24 on it, but alas, such is life.

This was such an awesome experience. I feel like my online pals are the best kind of online pals (because duh, they’re readers), and I had so much fun hearing from them and cheering them on in return. What an uplifting weekend it’s been.

My final report is as follows:

  1. I read 6 full books, and parts of 5 others. 6 hours total of audio, and 1,593 pages of text and graphic novel pages.
  2. I read for 24 hours (and maybe some extra minutes) (screw you, stopwatch)
  3. I love the camaraderie of other readers and the accessibility of our fearless leader. It really feels like we’re all part of something together (while being safe and sound on my own and not having to actually interact in person–it’s always good to have a weekend away from the madness that is being social)
  4. Nothing needs to be improved, but maybe we could toss in a short story that everyone tries to read? (I enjoyed reading The Yellow Wallpaper during a Dewey readathon a year or two ago) (Holy cow, just realized I’ve been doing readathons for a couple years now!)
  5. Will you participate in a future 24in48 readathon? HELL YES.


A breakdown of what was read:

Two full novels

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware (a fun page-turner with a twist I didn’t see coming) 340 pages

This Is Not Over by Holly Brown (I was surprised by how much I fell into this!) 370 pages

4 Graphic Novels

Ms. Marvel Vol 5 (I just love this series, and this volume was definitely my favorite one yet) 144 GN pages

March (Books 1, 2, and 3) by John Lewis (Outstanding, educational, emotional, ineffably good) 121, 179, 246 GN pages

Partial Reading


What Do We Do Now (Standing Up For Your Values In Trump’s America) (Politicizing and enlightening) 110 pages

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor (I’m reading this as part of a book study for school, and read 60 pages of it for our meeting tomorrow. If you haven’t read it, you need to.) 60 pages

American Girls by Alison Umminger (Just started at the end, and now I’m excited to keep going!) 23 pages


White Trash: The 400-year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg (fascinating stuff) 2 hours

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (I’ve been resisting listening to this for no good reason, and now I’m obsessed) 4 hours

 I realize that the following picture makes it look like I only hit 22.5 hours, but unfortunately stopwatch quit at 11.5 last night (and I hadn’t taken a more recent picture). Is it perfect proof? No. But would I lie to y’all? Of course not. 

What a fabulous weekend. I feel rested and happy and just plain good. Thank you to Rachel @ 24in48 for putting together such an outstanding event. You’re fabulous. And to all you other readers out there, whether you read for 1 hour or 24, you’re rockstars, each and everyone of you. Thank you for your support and kinship. ❤

Until next time!!!

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