#24in48 weekend of awesome

8:43 AM

I completely failed at staying up until midnight. When did I get so old??

So instead I got up at 5:30 (when did I get so old??) and began my readathon. Here I am, two hours of reading later. I finished “Things We Know by Heart” by Jessi Kirby (I was about 2/3 done before the readathon) and it was sweet and heartbreaking just like I knew it would be. Next was the latest Walking a Dead graphic novel (to keep my momentum going) and it was deliciously creepy. Now I’m on to “to all the boys I’ve loved before” by Jenny Han and I am really liking it. 

I started my day in my reading nook in my library. I was infiltrated first by Hattie the cat and then by Elton the dog. 

I’ve moved back upstairs to snuggle in my bed for a bit because there is cellphone service up here and I wanted to update my blog. And also to shut my eyes for 5 minutes and cuddle with husband before he got ready for work. 

And now. Break time is over. Back to “work”! (This weekend is already amazing.) Hope everyone is having fun!! 

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