#24in48 Readathon

You guys! You guys! I have been SO STINKING BUSY at the library that I ALMOST FORGOT that this weekend is the #24in48 READATHON! AND I JUST REMEMBERED! AND IT’S MAKING ME SHOUTY!

What’s the #24in48 readathon you ask? It’s a kickass event that the badass Rachel Manwill (a blogger, book person, writer for BookRiot, general awesome lady) created and runs and IT STARTS AT MIDNIGHT.

So. Tonight at midnight. Me. Books. Reading for hourssss.

When I participated in the Dewey Readathon I got a little overwhelmed and did not make the full 24 hours. My hope is to be more successful with this one.

I have, as recommended, a “loose schedule” for the weekend. Reading starts tonight at midnight, and since I don’t really have to get up early in the morning (TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF WHAT IS A WEEKEND?!) I think I might actually start at midnight. And/or what is more likely is that I will fall asleep and wake up early instead. Either way. READING FOREVER. I have brunch and book shopping with B at 11:30. I have a wedding at 4:30.  Sunday I have NOTHING planned until dinner with A&A and husband around 7:30. I think I can do it. I really do.

Wish me luck! Send snacks! And caffeine!

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